Who we are:

The easiest way to say it is… We BUILD cool things. Hastings Management is a licensed commercial and residential construction contractor. Our company is focused on building science, home performance, sustainable building and better building practices. Your project is unique, something one of a kind and while it has some of the same processes as all other construction projects it also has its own canvass where we can use our expertise to build something you can call HOME.


Who we want to work with:

We like to interview clients because we want to make sure our goals are aligned and that we are a good fit for each other. If we are working towards the same objectives, then we can set clear expectations to build from. We want to work with clients who look at this as a collaborative process and not an adversarial one. In order to have a successful project clients MUST trust their builder. We are your construction partner and confidant to help you through this process. We want to find out what is important to you and how to best achieve that in the space so we can set expectations. Our goal is to work together as a team with architects, engineers, designers, clients and anyone else involved to build the best possible project. We want to work with clients who appreciate the hard work and dedication of all team members and subcontractors. All builds have uncomfortable conversations, for us we like to lean into these so that we can address items quickly and set the correct expectations.



The Process:

Your project starts as a vision. You may start with an architect or a designer but if you have not selected these people, we can also help with that process. We want to collaborate as a team through the design to help work through the budget, scope and any potential construction issues. Once we have these defined, we can start the build process. Our company focusses on building healthy, Durable, comfortable, efficient, beautiful homes. Most companies focus on the inside only and driving down the cost of the project but let's make it look "pretty" but who cares about year 2, Year 5, year 10 and all the issues that will arise. These companies also are building just to minimum code and use that as their standard practice. For us minimum code is just that, the worst you are legally allowed to build a home. We do not build to that standard so for our homes everything is above minimum code, no exceptions. We look at the home holistically and say we need balance to build a great home from the bones to the skin. Does this cost more? Yes, but we value Durability, comfort, health and efficiency so we know it is worth it. This is likely the largest investment you will make and while most clients would say money is not the deciding factor, they often pick a contractor based off the numbers alone. This is where the disconnect is today in this industry. Contractors underbid to intentionally get you to sign a contract because they know once you start a project with them you will likely finish with them and they will bid it up accordingly during the project. Unfortunately, this comes to you as additional cost and a budget over run plus the contractor’s additional profit. As they say at casinos “the house always wins.” Those contractors are happy to take your money but are not concerned with how this project finishes. So, once it is finished, is it what you wanted? Does it function properly? Do you have additional issues? Unfortunately, they have your money and do not care. This means you must either forget what you wanted and accept what was built or you pay someone else to tear it out and do the work properly. Doing this rework will cost additional time and usually twice as much as what was originally bid by the good builder the first time.